Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

I was commissioned to build a wall art pieces for a good friend of mine. She had very specific dimensions and a geometric pattern in mind. The reclaimed wood used for this project is from a 100 year old barn out of Oregon.

To start the project off I used a 3/4” piece of MDF as a backer and lay out all my lines to make up the geometric pattern I want. I then used my Chop Saw to cut all my pieces of reclaimed barn wood to length and the Jointer to get one flat edge and face. After that I used the Table Saw to cut everything to final width.

Once all the pieces are cut the fun part begins. Laying everything out on the backer and actually making the Wood Wall Art piece. I used some construction adhesive and some brad nails to hold everything in place. After all the reclaimed wood pieces were in place I used my track saw to cut off all the overhanging / excesses material.

The final step before completing the Wood Wall Art pieces was to create a frame / boarder around it. I decide to use some solid strips of Walnut. I then applied a few coats of Minwax Polycrylic to the entire pieces for some protection.

If you would like to see the entire build process here is a video of me making this Wood Wall Art.


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