Shop Sign Made Out of Wood

I was asked by a fellow woodworker, Joseph over at Joeyoso Design, if I could make a logo sign for him to hang in his shop. Joseph and I have chatted multiple times on Instagram and I was more than happy to create this piece for him. Joseph makes amazing stuff and if you get a chance you should defiantly check out his work.

I started the project off by grabbing some scrap walnut I had in the shop. A few of the pieces had some large cracks in them that I filled with epoxy. Turns out the crack went all the way through the board so I ended up using those pieces as the end caps with another board glued in between. Once the panel was done drying from the glue up I ran it through my drum sander to level and smooth it out.

Once the panel was made I then used my ICONIC CNC machine to engrave the logo. After that I sanded it down and used some Mineral Spirits to clean the surface and put some finishing coats of Boiled Linseed Oil on.

If you would like to see the entire build process here is a video of me making this shop sign.


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