Stove Topper Cutting Board

This was a custom build for a friend of mine that will be giving this to his wife as an anniversary gift. He gave me all the specific dimensions to fit his stove top and also requested a custom engraving be put on the front of the board.

I start the project off by marking out all my parts and then cutting the stock down to the correct size and milling everything so that is square and flat. I then layout the boards that when glues together will make the large bottom panel. I use my track saw to cut that panel down to its final size. I then turn my attention to the sides and rear support. I decide to use my CNC machine to add a rounded edge to the front of the side panels and also some hand/finger holds. I add a slight round-over to all the edges and give all the pieces a final sanding. Since this will be used as a cutting board I finish the project off with a few application for FDA approved Food Safe Mineral oil.

If you would like to see the entire build process here is a video of me making this stove topper cutting board.


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